Our Mission is to support the Global Electrical Products Manufacturing Community with Conformity Assessment and Regulatory Compliance Solutions at a fraction of the cost of our laboratory competitors while facilitating turn-around time and optimizing your return on investment opportunities. We accomplish this by leveraging our pool of experienced and talented Conformity Assessment Engineers who have over a combined 100 years of Global Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) with such approvals agencies as Underwriters Laboratories (UL certification mark), Intertek Group Plc (ETL certification mark), and the Canadian Standards Associations (CSA certification mark) we are able to streamline your product’s entrance into the global markets from Concept through product Rollout all the while providing critical guidance and support by integrating with your engineering, sales, and marketing teams to meet and exceed the minimum safety and performance requirements while driving your Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities within your intended market.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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Thomas Connaughton
Thomas Connaughton UL Consultant
A proven global engineer, leader, and communicator with over 20 years of direct experience within the Global Testing, Inspection, and Certification Industry (TIC).
I initially started my career with Intertek Group plc. (ETL certification brand) as a product safety engineer and finishing my tenure as the Global Director of three (3) global business lines and our divisional liaison with our Middle East operations. Throughout my nearly two decades with Intertek, I have gained the skills and contacts necessary to assist you with all of your Product Integrity needs. To cut to the chase I really enjoy helping people and working with technology, however, far too often I have seen technologies either never make it through the labs OR they are delayed so long within the regulatory process they never have a chance to make their difference in the world, not to mention provide you with the ROI you anticipated.
Project Success 95%
ROI 100%

We Pride Ourselves On Continuity, Knowledge & Determination.

Connaughton Group, LLC prides itself on treating our clients and our partners the way they want and expect to be treated each and every time.


We are uniquely positioned to interpret and apply the minimum safety requirements contained within the applicable Standards, Codes, Regulations, & Directives.

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We Have Experience

With over 100 yrs. of combined Global Conformity Assessment (CA) experience with global Standards Development Organizations such as (UL),  (IEC),  (CSA), (NFPA), & (BSI).

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We Are Determined

Seeing your product from “concept to application” or from “cradle to grave” our engineers are determined to provide you with a true partnership approach towards your certification.

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